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Welcome to Atlas Alpacas

In the mountains outside San Diego, California, at 3500 ft elevation, we make alpaca breeding decisions based on measurable qualities on our lush 14 acre ranch. We breed for beautiful quality fleece, rich colors, correct conformation and desirable temperaments in our alpacas, while maintaining rigorous standards for genetic pre-potency. Check out our alpaca herd and you will see one high quality animal after another.

Our foundation females, and the males we choose as service sires, must show an ability to pass selected traits to their offspring. Quality alpacas are consistent in producing quality offspring. We believe the proof of superior alpaca breeding stock is the ability to pass superior genetics to their cria. Powerful pedigrees that produce consistent, quality offspring are the basis of our alpaca herd.

It is our belief that exceptional alpacas come from all countries of origin. Breeding for correct conformation, fine fleece character, strong color genetics, and gentle temperaments, we don't limit our selections by the countries on their pedigrees.

Our goal is to arrange each mating to retain the positive traits of each individual alpaca, and improve on these with each successive generation. It is our plan that when you add an Atlas alpaca to your breeding program, the alpaca you select will produce superior results.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality client support, honest commitment to providing superior alpacas with well-researched backgrounds, and a sincere desire for our clients' success. We believe in the strength of the North American Alpaca Industry, and feel privileged to be a part of it.

Take the time to come see our alpacas. We're proud of our results, and we think you will be pleased with the quality. If we don't have an alpaca that fits your criteria, we are always happy to suggest alpaca breeders who might. Contact us via e-mail or phone to arrange a visit.

Our Code Of Ethics

You need have no worries about doing business with us. We stand behind every animal and product we sell. Period. To emphasize our commitment to our customers, we abide by the following Code of Ethics, which we created and which hangs in our barn where every visitor can see it.

1. We will treat everyone who comes to us in our capacity as alpaca owners/breeders as we would want to be treated, with fairness and honesty in the true spirit of the Golden Rule.

2. We will willingly share our pertinent knowledge and experiences with prospective and new owner/breeders and will endeavor at all times either to provide factual answers to questions and concerns or refer them to someone who can.

3. We will refrain from doing anything that might adversely affect the business or reputation of our fellow owners/breeders and will not encourage others to do so.

4. We will at all times promote our own alpaca business in a positive way so as to bring credit to us, our business, our breeder's association, and our fellow owners/breeders.

5. We will make a full and complete disclosure of any facts known to us concerning every alpaca sold or leased by us.

6. We will stand behind any and all guarantees and assurances made to our clients, whether verbal or written.


David Kabbai - 619.890.9297 - 1.877.611.1319